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In My Pussy

Video Clips


Sucking a Candykane With her wet LIPS !!

Here's my wifes gorgeous Pussy sucking down a nice big CandyKane!!

Posted: 21:06, 2009-Jan-19
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All over Body Spray with DEEP penetration!!




Posted: 23:17, 2008-Nov-23
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12" Play DOH DONG!

Below is a Play Doh Dong made up of 6 cans of play Doh!!! Each color is 2 cans rolled together wrapped in celaphane and tightly wrapped in a magnum condom to smooth it out!

Once shoved deep inside, the harder I pushed the thicker the girth gets inside!! She fucking Loved it!!!


Heres the pick of the 6 can doh dong shoved in My wifes Gorgeous PUSSY!!

Posted: 00:48, 2008-Jun-1
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Hide the Celery!!

Sorry its been alittle while.. Things have been hectic.. So to make up for it, we are going to be adding videos for a little.. Heres a lucky peice of celery tickling and tantalizing My Wifes G-Spot!!


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Posted: 22:33, 2008-Apr-29
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Creamed Corn!!

Sorry for the delay in the next pic, but here it is. "Creamed Corn". We have had a repeated request for a corn on the cob to be wedged in my wifes Gorgeous Pussy! Getting Fucked by a corn on the cob sounded pretty interesting, so in it went! SHE LOVED IT!! She said the texture was awesome, and after HARD  cumming all over it THREE times, I know she deffinitly Loved her Creamed Corn!


Posted: 23:11, 2008-Feb-25
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Good Cop Bad Cop!!


My wife wanted to play good cop bad cop!! As good cop I worked her a deal to get out of a ticket , as BAD COP  : she would have to agree to a cavity search!  Deffinitly had to let her "GET OFF" with more than just a warning after pounding her with a 5 CELL Cop Light !!


Posted: 23:01, 2008-Jan-31
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Biscuits in the Oven..

I always say her Pussy is Oven HOT!! So why not cram a roll of biscuits in her Oven HOT PUSSY!!


Posted: 19:51, 2008-Jan-26
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This is # 2 of Random items that will be INSERTED in to my Wifes Gorgeous Pussy.. We figure we will start out with some of the more common items that are usually inserted. So please continue to return to see what will find its way in to these soft pink LIPS!!



Posted: 20:08, 2008-Jan-22
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Whats in My Pussy ?? .. The Happy Cucumber!


This is the first of random items that will be stuffed into my wifes pussy! Please make sure to check in for a new item stuffed into my wifes pussy! 

Posted: 04:00, 2008-Jan-12
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